“Bipartisan Call to Halt Prosecution of Julian Assange”

1. House Republicans demand answers on U.S. weaponry flow to Hamas

House Republicans have recently sent a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, raising concerns about the Department of Defense’s monitoring of the flow of U.S. weaponry to Hamas. They are seeking a briefing on the matter and want to ensure that the weapons provided by the U.S. are not being used by Hamas in their conflict with Israel.

2. Florida Governor criticizes U.S. for not fully supporting Israel

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has voiced his criticism towards the United States for what he perceives as a lack of support for Israel in their ongoing conflict with Hamas. DeSantis believes that the U.S. should provide unwavering support to Israel, considering the close relationship between the two nations.

3. Former President Trump slams Biden’s speech on Israel

Former President Donald Trump has publicly criticized President Biden’s recent speech on Israel, describing it as “dangerous” and “deluded.” Trump believes that Biden’s approach towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict undermines the security and interests of Israel.

4. Bipartisan push to halt the prosecution of Julian Assange

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A bipartisan group in the House is calling for a halt to the prosecution of Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. They argue that the prosecution threatens press freedom and sets a dangerous precedent. This push highlights the ongoing debate about the balance between national security and freedom of the press.

5. Retail credit card APR hits record high

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According to recent reports, the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) for retail credit cards has reached a record high of 28.93%. This rise in interest rates could have an impact on consumer spending and overall credit card usage, leading to concerns about the affordability and accessibility of credit.

6. Link between lack of sleep and depressive symptoms

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A study suggests that getting less than five hours of sleep per night can significantly increase the risk of developing depressive symptoms. The research highlights the importance of maintaining a healthy sleep schedule for overall mental well-being and emphasizes the need for adequate rest.

7. Approval given for Lynas Rare Earth to import and process rare earths

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In a recent development, Malaysia has given the approval for Lynas Rare Earth to continue importing and processing rare earth materials until March 2026. This decision could have implications for the rare earth market and supply chains, as well as potentially impacting the overall global demand for these resources.

8. Women in Iceland go on strike for equal pay and an end to violence

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Women in Iceland, including the Prime Minister, have recently gone on strike to demand equal pay and an end to violence against women. This action highlights the ongoing gender inequality issues that persist in societies around the world and serves as a call for progress and change.

9. Escalation of strikes in Gaza and hostage situation

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Israel has intensified its strikes on Gaza in response to the ongoing conflict with Hamas. The situation remains tense, with casualties reported on both sides. In addition, two more hostages have been freed, highlighting the complex nature of the ongoing crisis and the challenges faced in resolving it peacefully.

10. United States reaffirms support for the Philippines amid tensions with China

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The United States has recently renewed its warning that it will defend the Philippines after incidents involving Chinese vessels. This reaffirms the longstanding partnership between the U.S. and the Philippines, particularly in maintaining peace and stability in the region amid territorial disputes.

11. Israel’s Iron Dome defense system in use during conflict with Hamas

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Israel has been utilizing its Iron Dome missile defense system to intercept rockets fired by Hamas during the ongoing conflict. The effectiveness of this defense system has become a focal point of the conflict, as it has successfully intercepted a significant number of rockets, potentially saving lives.

12. Israel’s bombardment could drive renewable energy transition

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The recent escalation of Israeli airstrikes on Gaza has not only caused humanitarian concerns but also raised discussions about the potential impact on the energy sector. Some experts suggest that the increased damage to infrastructure could accelerate the need for a transition to renewable energy sources, focusing on sustainability and resilience.

13. Matthew Whitaker shows support for Israel in conflict with Hamas

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Former Acting United States Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker, has voiced his support for Israel in their ongoing conflict with Hamas. He believes that Israel has the right to defend itself against attacks and condemns any actions that threaten the security and stability of the region.

14. Link between short sleep duration and increased risk of depression

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Studies continue to highlight the relationship between inadequate sleep duration and an increased risk of developing depressive symptoms. Individuals who consistently get less than the recommended hours of sleep are more prone to experiencing mental health issues, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing adequate sleep for overall well-being.

15. Kentucky Attorney General criticizes Homeland Security Secretary over fentanyl crisis

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Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has publicly criticized Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over the fentanyl crisis. He believes that the federal government should be doing more to combat the influx of illegal fentanyl into the country, addressing the serious consequences it has on communities and public health.